Hello guys,

first I’d like to start with yet another apology for not posting in forever… Just so many things are happening in the city that never sleeps. First, university, then work, which is a never ending hassle. That is how I am left with no time to simply sit down and write down my thoughts on a sheet of paper. Then again, guilt of being unable to express myself the way I always used too never leaves me.

As most of you already know I’m studying at University of the arts London, to be specific – handbags design and making and I’ve just finished my first year, which literally went by so fast I couldn’t even stop and appreciate the fact that my dream for over 9 years actually came true. Sometimes it feels like I’m living on a loop surrounded by masses of people, who has this basic pattern of life and it’s just now that I’m actually waking up from the overwhelming London and finally taking my life into my own hands. It is easy to forget who you are and why you came here, and extremely difficult to take back your identity. Which is why I strongly suggest never lose it in the first place.

I’m proud to be an individual that can say no matter what happens I am capable to pull myself back together. And can’t wait for the exciting projects that future holds!

And now I’m proud to present the handbag that I have designed as my final project for year one at UAL. I’d be very thankful if you left your thoughts in the comments below.




Dress – Sandra Yushka

Handbag – designed and made by me

Shoes – Prada

Makeup – Egidijus Krocas

Photography – IDEAphoto

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